Hi there!  I'm Caiti and I am a wedding & portrait photographer living in Prince George, Virginia.  I am a music loving, doughtnut eating, coffee drinking, mama of 2.  This is the place where you can come to see my latest work with my beautiful clients and learn more about me, my husband, and our sweet babies.  Take a look around and enjoy! 


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The Reams Family | Fall Family Pictures

This year has been a year full of people I know adding new additions to their family!  A lot of those are babies (which helps with my baby fever because I can snuggle them then give them right back) but the rest have been PUPPIES!  Who doesn’t love puppies?!?  If you raised your hand to that question, then we need to evaluate your reasoning because I find this very hard to believe.  Puppies instantly make you smile and the puppy that the Ream’s Family added to their clan does just that!

December 14, 2017

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Fall Mini Sessions | Part 3 | Central Virginia Family Photographer

Isn’t it strange how so many of us love fall so much and can’t wait for it to arrive, yet it just goes by SO FAST!?  Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is my favorite time of year so I am glad that is here but fall went too quickly. I love the changing leaves, but, before we knew it, they had all fallen.  We were lucky to get these last mini sessions during one of the last beautiful fall weekends of the season.

December 13, 2017

Children, Family, Portraits

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Fall Mini Sessions | Part 2

Yesterday I posted part ONE of my Fall Mini Sessions so if you missed that, go check it out!  Today – Part Two! These families are all amazing and deserve to be showed off on a blog post so I wanted to put up some images from each one of the sessions.   I love mini session days allow me to see families I haven’t seen in almost a year and meet new clients who hopeful come back again & again!

December 12, 2017

Children, Family, Portraits

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The Sink Family | Outer Banks Family Portraits

What better place to have pictures taken than at the beach?!  Am I right?  It is a combination of the waves crashing, the beautiful sky, the way the sand acts as a perfect reflector to light up your face (ya get me, photogs?), and the overall way it makes people feel happier…all of that make it perfect for photos!  Know this, Kim & I were so excited when we realized we would be at the beach at the same time!!  I really wanted to capture Dan, Kim, and their sweet twin girls out by the ocean.   

September 7, 2017

Children, Family, Portraits

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Brittany & Josh | Maternity | Prince George Photographer

I am so excited for y’all to see the pictures of this couple! Brittany contacted me a couple months ago about taking her maternity pictures and we immediately set a date & started talking about outfits and locations. We went back in forth on some ideas and decided on two local spots – one being Josh’s parents’ land. This property is GORGEOUS!! The drive way is about a mile long (so you start wondering if you are really just driving into endless woods), but then it opens up to huge fields! I can just picture little kids running around those fields at grandma & grandpa’s house.

March 13, 2017

Children, Family, Newborn

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Choosing The Right Photographer | Advice | Caiti Garter Photography

When I became a photographer, I did it because I wanted to capture the joyful, beautiful moments in people’s lives for them so that they could hold on to those memories forever! Those pictures could be something that they hang on their walls, put in their family albums, or pass down to their kids and grandkids so that everyone can remember. That is what you want from your pictures, too, right? Well, choosing the person to take those photos for you means thinking through a few things and doing a little research. Now, you may have someone very close to you that is a photographer and you love their work so – BAM – it is a no-brainer for you. However, some people don’t have that. OR maybe you like multiple photographers – GASP! Is that even allowed!?! Of course it is!! I have a lot of photographers that I love and I would absolutely use quite a few of them! So how do you decide who you should choose or what even to look for? Here are 4 things I think you should think about when searching for you photographer.

March 10, 2017

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The Taylor Family | A Family Session in the Country

It wasn’t long ago that Michelle asked me to meet her on this chunk of land and take a picture of a floor plan. Sounds a little silly right, but they me explain. It was THEIR floor plan! It was the floor plan for the home that they would one day build right there. I took those pictures of she and the kids, holding that framed piece of paper, for her to give Chris. This had been a dream of their’s for so long!! And here it was, about to come true.

October 10, 2016

Children, Family

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Brooklyn’s First Birthday | Funfetti Birthday Party

One of the most common things people say to new parents is to cherish every moment because it all goes by so fast. They are right!! It truly does fly by! Pregnancy seems to take forever, but that first year of a baby’s life goes by in a blink. I remember Brooklyn’s newborn session like it was yesterday!! My husband and I went to Dan & Jamie’s house just days after Brooklyn was born. She was so tiny and beautiful! Now, here she is a YEAR OLD!! Just as gorgeous and sweet as can be!

August 13, 2016

Children, Family, Photography

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