Hi there!  I'm Caiti and I am a wedding & portrait photographer living in Prince George, Virginia.  I am a music loving, doughtnut eating, coffee drinking, mama of 2.  This is the place where you can come to see my latest work with my beautiful clients and learn more about me, my husband, and our sweet babies.  Take a look around and enjoy! 


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Chad & Lynsey | A Countryside Engagement Session

Is it fall yet?  Technically, yes, but I am going to need this weather to understand that we are over the 80 degrees.  However, on the evening of this session, it was surprisingly cool, felt like fall, and then the sunrise was killer!!  It was exactly what we wanted!

October 10, 2017


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Cory & Lindsey | A Dellwood Plantation Wedding

I can still remember the first time I met Cory & Lindsey…it was over coffee at Starbucks last winter and I immediately just loved them!  I know that sounds cliche.  Of course I did, or else I wouldn’t have booked them!  But I called my husband as I was pulling out of the parking lot to tell him “We are going to really like these two!”  Their excitement to get married and how much they loved each other was obvious!

October 6, 2017


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Houston | A Historic Old Town Senior Session

One of my favorite places to do sessions is Old Town Petersburg.  A lot of people around here either say it is overused or just try to stay away from it.  Calling it “overused” basically sounds like a challenge to me!  There are endless places to discover there and so many looks you can achieve.  Historic Old Town has beautiful homes and streets, historic buildings, as well as landscape and greenery.  There are so many options!

October 3, 2017


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Cody & Melissa | Family Farm Wedding

Fall wedding season has officially started for us over here and we were thrilled to kick it off with Melissa & Cody!  I first got to hang out with these two at their engagement session, which was at the same farm they held their reception.  Cody’s family owns and operates a lot of farmland in Dinwiddie.  I don’t know if you remember that night my life changed when I saw a calf be born but it was with Cody & Melissa.  Even more little calves were walking around this weekend at the farm.  Melt my heart!

September 29, 2017


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Megan | Riverfront Senior Portraits

Meet Megan!  This girl has dreams and she is going places!!  I love meeting new seniors, hearing all about who they are, what they love, and where they want to go in life.  The sky is literally the limit right now for them and they are soon going to be remarking on a new journey! […]

September 21, 2017

Portraits, Senior

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The Pyle Family | Nags Head Family Portraits

A couple weeks ago, we were away at the beach on our family vacation.  We had the best time!  I am going to be blogging the pictures I took that week soon, for sure.  My brother & his family traveled down for their own family vacation the weekend we were leaving, but we overlapped a day so we planned family pictures for all of us!   Sean & Meghan are also in the photography business, as well as do videography (we got to all 4 do a wedding together this summer, for the first time, and LOVED IT), so of course we swap photo sessions when we can.  Perks of having family in the industry, right?  

September 15, 2017

Family, Portraits

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The Sink Family | Outer Banks Family Portraits

What better place to have pictures taken than at the beach?!  Am I right?  It is a combination of the waves crashing, the beautiful sky, the way the sand acts as a perfect reflector to light up your face (ya get me, photogs?), and the overall way it makes people feel happier…all of that make it perfect for photos!  Know this, Kim & I were so excited when we realized we would be at the beach at the same time!!  I really wanted to capture Dan, Kim, and their sweet twin girls out by the ocean.   

September 7, 2017

Children, Family, Portraits

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Maurer Family | Old Town Petersburg Family Session

Just a couple months ago, I got to attend an amazing workshop hosted by Katelyn James.  I knew I wanted to attend so that I could learn about my business and my craft.  Another thing I knew I would gain from that experience was friendships.  After attending that Magnolia workshop last fall, I met wonderful people who are truly there for me anytime I have a question, concern, need feedback, or just need some encouragement!!  True friends in the business!!  The KJ Workshop was no different!  The very first person I talked to on the first day was Nicole.  

August 24, 2017

Family, Photography

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Richard & Caterina | The Boathouse at Rockett’s Landing | Richmond, VA Wedding Photographer

The forecast for this past Saturday called for thunderstorms all day.  We were all certain we were in for a super rainy wedding day.  The dark gray clouds filled the sky when we pulled up the church, but with in 20 minutes, they were gone…and they never returned!! We started the day in Petersburg at […]

August 18, 2017


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The Barns of Kanak | Venue Spotlight | Prince George, VA Wedding Photographer

We moved to Prince George about 3 years ago. This county is very large with lots of farmland, and we love that about it! If you look at it on a map, you might not think this, but it is very “small town”. People are so polite and willing to help whenever they can. We […]

August 14, 2017

Personal, Portraits, Wedding

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