Hi there!  I'm Caiti and I am a wedding & portrait photographer living in Prince George, Virginia.  I am a music loving, doughtnut eating, coffee drinking, mama of 2.  This is the place where you can come to see my latest work with my beautiful clients and learn more about me, my husband, and our sweet babies.  Take a look around and enjoy! 


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How To Photograph Wedding Day Florals | Tips & Tricks

Happy First Day of Spring!!  It is still cold, rainy, & gloomy so I thought I would brighten up the blog with some pretty pictures of flowers! Sound good? I love flowers and I believe they can brighten up any space.  They can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary.  You can change the feel of an event simply by adding flowers!   They are also very important to brides.

March 20, 2018

Photography, Wedding

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Waverley Ann | Newborn Lifestyle Session

It’s been a few weeks since I did a blog post….that’s “off season” for ya!  We have been soaking in lots of family time and loving every minute of it!  You know what else I have been loving – baby snuggles!!  CGP has had so many newborns the past couple months that I haven’t even had a chance to blog all of them!  Waverley was born a couple weeks ago and I fell in love!

March 16, 2018

Family, Newborn, Portraits

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Caiti’s Faves | February

Happy Friday!!!!  Today’s post is completely different than my normal wedding or portrait session posts.  Actually, it has nothing to do with photography AT ALL!.  When I started the blog, I knew I wouldn’t only share my photography work.  I wasn’t sure what else I would share about, though!  I know, personally, that I love blogs with variety.  I love when people share about a lot of different tops.   I like to know what skincare people are loving, what recipes are their tried & true, what is making their busy schedules easier, what books are they reading, etc.  We all love to read reviews before we buy things to know what others think about them.  Am I right?

February 23, 2018


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Emma | Newborn Lifestyle Session

I told you that newborns were taking over the blog the next few weeks and I was not lying!  Y’all…I am loving all these baby snuggles!  This newborn was extra special, too, because I have been photographing the Taylor family for years!  You may remember their family session last year involving the chickens?  This was their first time doing newborn photos in their home, though, and we had a great time! 

February 5, 2018

Children, Family, Newborn, Portraits

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Clara | 6 Months | Lifestyle Photography

Since I started taking photos as more than just a hobby, I have had a few families stick with me through it all.  My “style” has changed for the better over the years and become so much more consistent, thank goodness, and these people have stayed by me through that.  They loved their photos years ago, but I am sure they love their photos even more within the past year or two.  This beautiful girl you see, Clara, is a part of one of those families!

January 30, 2018

Children, Family, Portraits

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Yes, It’s January…Here is Our Summer Vacation

The title of this post kinda says it all.  Yes, I waited until January to post about my family’s vacation because I totally forgot to blog it.  Whoops!  I definitely gave myself a pat of the back for even taking my camera out during our vacation, though, because I am notorious for not using my real camera and just using my phone.  While the iPhone has an excellent camera, nothing compares to real quality images right from my Nikon.

January 26, 2018

Children, Family, Personal, Portraits

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Charlotte Anslee | Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I have a beautiful little girl to show y’all today!  I think almost all my blog posts for the next 6 weeks will be newborns.  Kidding….kind of.  There are a lot of babies that have been born or are about to be born soon who need to grace the pages of the CGP blog.  I am SO excited about this, though, because it means I get alllll the baby snuggles.  Could I ask for a better job?!  

January 24, 2018

Family, Newborn, Portraits

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Elizabeth Rose | Lifestyle Newborn Session

You all are in for a treat with this session!  I love newborns – no secret there!  I love getting to snuggle these little angels.  There is something about a home session that makes it even more cozy.   Babies love it, too!  There is less movement and they are definitely “messed with” less.  Plus, there are more cuddles with home sessions (at least, that is my experience).  Elizabeth’s session was no different!  

January 16, 2018

Newborn, Portraits

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The Cote Family | Winter Farm Session

Virginia weather has really gone all out this winter.  She is not holding back very much!  We have had some of the coldest days I can remember, which sounds silly to some people, but not for those of us who have lived here our entire lives.  We aren’t use to the air feeling like it is cutting through your skin without the wind even blowing!  Plus, it has already snowed multiple time before the middle of January?!  I do love the snow though, so I’ll take it.

January 11, 2018


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Cameron & Megan | A Winter Wedding | Chesapeake, Virginia

We had quite a few firsts for us in our business this year and one of those was our first Christmas wedding!!  We love Christmas and definitely think it is the perfect time of year to celebrate love and marriage!  It is basically straight out of a Hallmark movie and we all know that I am all about that life.

December 29, 2017


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